Letters to the editor 8-4-13

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Three cheers for
children’s theater

On behalf of the Los Alamos Arts Council, I would like to thank the cast members of Missoula Children’s Theater’s production of “The Tortoise Versus the Hare” for their wonderful performance. I would also like to thank all the parents and friends of the cast who attended the play on Saturday, as well as Kirk Christensen and the staff of Crossroads Bible Church. They were wonderful to work with and made the week a complete success. 

Additionally, many thanks go to the Los Alamos Arts Council members who volunteered their time to help make this year’s production a wonderful experience for the participants. 

The Arts Council would like to thank the County of Los Alamos for co-sponsoring this event and the community for supporting Arts Council programs.

Margaret McIntyre



Funds desperately needed for disabled

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to the editor of People Magazine:

I feel compelled to respond to the recent article about New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez. My daughter, Amanda, has been on the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Waiver waiting list for more than six years now with very little hope of receiving funding in the near future. 

Many New Mexico families have waited for more than 10 years and still they wait. Gov. Martinez receives all of the services she needs for her sister and the rest of us do not. The Gov. has no problem cutting funding for others while she continues to benefit from the same services all New Mexicans deserve. 

As a young professional, I was forced to quit my job in order to care for Amanda. The emotional and financial toll on families is immense and unless you have lived it, you cannot begin to understand the pressure. 

Please ask Gov. Martinez how she intends to fund the current waiting list, and provide care for the developmentally disabled in New Mexico, many who have far fewer resources than she has. More than 6,600 families are waiting for her response.

Ruthie Horn Robbins



‘Shameful’ senate
selling out

“The Senate’s top tax writers have promised their colleagues 50 years worth of secrecy in exchange for suggestions on what deductions and credits to preserve in tax reform.” This is the opening sentence in an article published by The Hill, a Washington, D.C. online publication. Re-read that first sentence.

Our senate is so corrupt its members don’t want their name connected with the sordid “tax deals” they have made in the past. It can’t be because they would be embarrassed or ashamed. They are incapable of such. They are afraid that we, their voting constituents, might find out just who the corrupt SOB’s are and vote them out. 

Many congressmen are so intoxicated on the power that comes with the IRS and the tax code the congress doesn’t govern effectively.

This couldn’t happen if the FairTax Act were adopted. This proposed tax legislation has been before congress for more than 10 years, but never even considered. With the FairTax there are no loopholes, absolutely no opportunity for “crooked deals” by elected congressmen. Its passage would annihilate the IRS too. 

Educate yourself about the FairTax. Contact your congressman; demand its passage. 

The corrupt congress is bringing our nation to ruin.

Glen E. Terrell

Arlington, Texas