Letters to the Editor 11-14-13

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Saying goodbye
to Santaniello’s

After more than 20 years serving the Los Alamos and surrounding communities, Santaniello’s Plumbing and Heating, LLC is announcing that they are closing their business. 

Pat and Lori Santaniello wish to thank all their loyal customers who have helped their business thrive in this beautiful town. They have seen many changes in Los Alamos and are proud to have supported the community and to have helped rebuild after the Cerro Grande fire. 

Pat and Lori are looking forward to moving to their new home and relocating their business to Texas to be closer to family and watching Pat slow down after all those years of plumbing.

Thank you Los Alamos for blessing us while we have lived here in Los Alamos.

Pat and Lori Santaniello

Los Alamos

Great improvement to Sullivan Field

Los Alamos Athletic Department would like to publicly thank the volunteers that have been working out at Sullivan Field to improve the looks and functionality of the area. 

The first project on the list from the athletic department was the track shed. Coach Gary Ahlers worked with Vicki Nelms, the athletic director to fix the shed after receiving word that the school maintenance department could not fix it. The athletic department provided the funds for supplies and materials, while Ahlers volunteered his time. He received a little help from coaches and student-athletes. The project began last May and was finished this fall. The last thing that will be done to the shed is that many of our art students will be putting the Hilltopper logo on the shed. 

The next project that Coach Ahlers volunteered for was getting concrete slabs poured for our soccer goals. The athletic department had gotten several bids, but the cost came back in over budget. So, Ahlers and Dojo Construction volunteered their time and expertise to complete the project. Again, the athletic department provided the money for the supplies and materials. This project was started in October and was just completed before the first round of state soccer.

The athletic department could not survive without the many volunteers who help coach, help with events, or provide labor to complete construction projects. The athletic department is very proud of all the help they get over a given year. 

Vicki Nelms

Los Alamos High School

Athletic Director

Community made Yum Run a success

Thank you for your part in the success of the 9th Annual Ruby K’s Yum Run, the only fundraiser solely for the benefit of L.A. Cares. By mentioning the Run repeatedly, you help keep this important event in front of the public. With your help, more than $5,000 was raised, making this one of the best runs yet.

Linda F. Burns

Secretary, L.A. Cares