Letters to the Editor 05-11-14

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 Spring arts and crafts fair a success

The hard work of many dedicated volunteers resulted in a successful Northern New Mexico Spring Arts and Crafts Fair. It was a fantastic day with perfect weather, giving people the opportunity to visit with friends and mingle among the booths. In addition to the Los Alamos Arts Council, the fair benefited from the efforts of RSVP members who posted flyers around Los Alamos before the fair. 

We also wish to thank LA County Parks Dept. for mowing and trimming the grounds around Fuller Lodge, as well as cleaning up trash during the fair. Many people commented about how nice the area looked for the fair. It truly was beautiful. 

As always, a big thank you goes to our board members and volunteers who spent many hours in preparation, as well as time staffing the fair. This includes Bill Hamilton, Lisa Lloyd, Tadg Woods, Terry Goodwin and Nicole Kliebert. We also appreciate support from MainStreet.

This year, there was a children’s arts and craft area provided by the First Baptist Church members. Many children made a Mother’s Day gift for their mothers. Valyn Purvis was there with the inflatable castle and slide for children to enjoy. Josephine Boyer painted countless little faces during the fair and Paul Sena made balloon animals for children. The arts council thanks all of our special attractions that made the children’s area fun and exciting.

We want to be sure to thank Chuck’s Wagon, Tita ‘N’ Pampas Enterprises and Ragtime Kettle Korn for providing food for the fair. 

We are grateful for all of the people in the community who attended the fair, making purchases from the artists. The Arts Council appreciates your support. Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you at the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair in November.

Marlane Hamilton

executive director,
 Los Alamos Arts Council


Council’s bad idea

I have never been a fan of criticizing a fait accompli, but since local resident input was not part of the decision making process, I would like to add my voice to the excellent letter sent by James Rickman concerning the branding decision made recently. 

A good friend is one who will tell you if your slip is showing, if there is spinach in your teeth, if there is egg on your face, or get help because you are heading down the wrong road. 

Well, Los Alamos County Council — pick one. 

As a concerned citizen (good friend), I am urging you to reconsider. Is “Live Exponentially” really 50K better than the existing slogan, “Discover Our Secrets?” What came to my mind when reading “exponentially” was elitist, exclusive and condescending. 

Stop now. Please don’t spend another 112K to implement a bad idea. 


Jane Gunter 

 Los Alamos