Let's think about putting an overpass above Trinity Drive

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I’ve been reading the letters about the proposed changes to Trinity Drive; listened to people talking on the street; listened to county council meetings and agree there is a load of 11th hour people coming out; offering mostly complaints and not solutions.
My question: Has anyone looked at instead of making Trinity smaller by adding  roundabouts that potentially cause emergency vehicles inability to get to their destinations timely, to put in overpasses that will allow even those with physical handicaps access?  I’ve seen them in several places in Albuquerque so they must work. After all the ones on Diamond Drive seem to work pretty good and we aren’t putting roundabouts there.
Maybe I’m silly, however I believe putting in an overpass at Trinity Sites (Mari-Mac Center), Ashley Pond, near the Gold Street Apartments, makes more sense in safety for crossers than adding roundabouts, bike lanes and confusion to Trinity does.
And personally, I’d rather have the ability to get out of the way of emergency vehicles, after all it could be your life or loved one they are trying to get to save.

Donna Brewer
White Rock