Let your voice be heard

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In the past week, reading both a cover story in the Los Alamos Monitor, and the Trinity INsite pamphlet I received in the mail, I am compelled to let my voice be heard and hope you will do the same.
I want to acknowledge the work of the Trinity Site Revitalization Committee, some of whose citizen members have been active in the project for six years, and also the associated county staff.  They have volunteered with the objective of improving our community and I salute their efforts.
However, a few key factors at this time sway my decision that this is no longer a good deal for our community.  With Smith’s Marketplace as the ‘big box’ in Trinity Site and also the owner of the MeriMac Center across the street, we would have two shopping plazas at the east end of town controlled by Smith’s, and it is unclear how that immediately diversifies our retail.  
I understand that the Los Alamos Schools need revenue, and that they planned to get lease revenue from this land; however in this option revenue is likely at least a year away, and I do believe we could compensate the schools if Trinity Site does not go forward.  
This land is a precious resource for our town; I encourage us to stop what has now become a bad option and then take the time to look at other options that can still provide commensurate revenue for the schools.  
Some have been working on Trinity Site for a long time and I appreciate their efforts, and I acknowledge this may be hard to hear.  However, as a member of our community who supports education and planning (former P&Z committee member, current UNM LA board member) I am speaking up because I think the time has come to assure we have selected the best option for this precious land, and I am a citizen who is anxious to provide an identity for the town, revenue for the schools and a diverse selection of merchants.
I encourage you to study the Trinity Project, make your decision and let your voice be heard by emailing trinitysite.info@lacnm.us before Jan. 24.
Time is short — help make the best decision we can for our community.

Micheline Devaurs
Los Alamos