Let truth, sensibility, common sense prevail

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In regards to the situating of the new Los Alamos Municipal Building, I would like to state that truth, sensibility and common sense does not require a “smoke from the hookah pipe!” (Nov. 10 Hannemann letter).
Concerned, responsible, reasonable, farsighted, astute and financially aware citizens of Los Alamos County fully recognize the wiseness of building this structure on the presently cleared and (correctly) zoned Central Avenue site.
Citizens of Los Alamos have long and sincerely worked hard to create a well-functioning, efficient “townsite.”
Building our new municipal building of an efficient size with more than adequate space and parking on the Central Avenue site will more than meet all of “our” objectives and needs.
Yes — we can do this and we can do it properly!

Peggy Pendergast
Los Alamos