Legislative Agenda

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a. Legislation supporting Los Alamos County’s application for capital outlay funding to develop a Jemez Mountain regional fire suppression system.
b. Legislation that enhances affordable housing programs.
c. Consensus legislative priorities of NMAC and NMML.
d. Funding for MainStreet/Arts and Cultural District programming.

a. Any changes to municipal revenue legislation, such as proposals for local governments to “swap” GRT distribution for State income tax distribution.
b. Other legislation directly affecting Los Alamos County and/or its ability to serve its citizens.
c. Legislation in support of Community Health Council funding.

a. Changes to the state school funding formula that would adversely impact Los Alamos Public School District.
b. Proposals that would reduce the County’s receipt of general GRT revenue.
c. Legislation that would adversely impact Indigent Health Care revenues received by the County or program provisions that would adversely impact their effective use.
d. Legislation that would adversely impact Sole Community Provider funding.
e. Legislation that alters the authority of H-class counties.