Learning never stops

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Class learns about the power and importance of education

By Kirsten Laskey

It’s written everywhere — on teachers’ knick-knacks, on posters and on elementary school classroom bulletin boards — you never stop learning. This message is printed so much you might be prone to gloss over it, but you shouldn’t because it is true.

Leadership Los Alamos learned about the power and importance of education during its latest session, which was held Friday at UNM-LA.

LLA students learned about the 40 Developmental Assets from Bernadette Lauritzen, the Assets coordinator. Herb McClean, bond and construction coordinator and Los Alamos High School interim principal Sandy Warnock exposed LLA participants to the projects in store at the high school and Los Alamos Middle School. One such project is renovating the B, C and D wings at LAHS.

Joan Ahlers, president of the LAPS school board, gave insight on what it takes to be a member of the school board, while LAPS Superintendent Gene Schmidt gave his perspective on where the school district is heading.

Marc Clay, LLA board chairman, said one of the goals for this particular session was to “give a flavor for some of what is going on in the Los Alamos community. Some of the issues that are going on related to education right now.”

It was quite an education, but the LLA participants were encouraged to do more than just take notes. They were invited to take a role in the

community’s education programs. Whether it is mentoring or serving on the advisory board at UNM-LA, or volunteering one’s talents and interests at one of the public schools, Clay said students were shown areas where they could get involved.

Lauritzen added the session worked to give a clear picture of what goes on in the school district.

“I hope they gained insight into all the successes and challenges we have here locally,” she said. “We have so many good things.”

Lauritzen also encouraged LLA students to take part in the community’s educational offerings. “I think there are so many ways they can be active,” she said.