Learn how to ignite a spark

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By Special to the Monitor

The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and Family Strengths Network offers a community education opportunity for Los Alamos at 6:30 p.m. today.

Dr. Peter Benson, researcher and author, will speak at 6:30 p.m. in UNM-LA’s Lecture Hall.

Benson will talk to community members about the 40 Developmental Assets and how to ignite sparks of inspiration in people’s lives.

Benson’s theory of Sparks essentially informs adults on how to help youth find the thing that gives their life meaning.

“This body of information fulfills a huge, nation-wide need,” Debbie Gill of JJAB said. “My understanding of the mission of Assets is to ‘provide leadership, knowledge and reasons to promote healthy children, youth and communities.’  This is a mission we hopefully all share.”

“It is fascinating to listen to Dr. Benson’s logic about how adults can sometimes accidentally snuff out the light that brings joy to our youth,” Bernadette Lauritzen, Assets coordinator, said.

“It is often why we find so many people beginning second careers in their 50s. Many people spend the first half of their life working to pay the bills and then look for the thing that fills the well.”

The presentation is geared for all ages and is meant to help those who live and work with youth to help them find what gives their life passion.

It isn’t often that youth are queried about the things that get them through the day.  In return for helping adolescents, adults just might find their own spark or find themselves traveling down a slightly different path.

Reservations are not needed for tonight’s presentation and specials credits have been arranged for school district personnel.

People can learn more about the 40 Developmental Assets by calling 661-4846.