Leadership by committee is a fatally flawed concept

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It must just go with the territory. Los Alamos is home to some of the most complex and exciting scientific discoveries the world has ever known. That complexity and innate desire to study things without question extends to county government.
The Los Alamos County Council set the wheels in motion to hire a new county administrator last week. And while those wheels are a tad bit more square than round, they’re rolling nonetheless. The council is on the market for a new county administrator after the previous council unceremoniously sacked the last one “without cause” in December.
The wheels of what should have been and could have been a fast-track search were unnecessarily squared off when the council decided to expend the time and resources to reach out and directed county staff “to survey the community’s desired qualities for an administrator.” No doubt, the community should be involved in the process to some extent, but since when does Joe Sixpack know anything about the desired qualities for a county administrator? Couldn’t that be accomplished in a public comment segment at an upcoming council session?