Leader invites scarce for D-Day celebration

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At this time last year, President Barack Obama was facing severe criticism for showing a lack of patriotism by not attending the commemoration ceremonies at Normandy on D-Day.
Let’s hope that by now all the people who were howling last year are squared away on how D-Day is commemorated in France.
If not, the following information may be helpful.
President Obama was accused of being the first president in 70 years not to attend the D-Day ceremonies. Obama cleared that up by noting that he indeed attended D-Day ceremonies his first year in office and caused quite a stir when French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited only Obama and not Queen Elizabeth.
The Queen made a big deal out of it because she is the only head of state, who saw service during World War II. She was a mechanic and truck driver.
The general consensus was that Sarkozy wanted Obama to himself all that day.
But then the refrain began that Obama did not attend any of the three commemorations since then, and that every other U.S. president had attended them all. That one didn’t hold water either. International protocol holds that heads of state do not enter another country unless invited by that country’s head of state. That’s something I hadn’t realized.