LAPS Foundation presents Great Conversations

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Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation presents, Great Conversations!
It won’t take long for the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation’s annual Great Conversations dinner to become a favorite in town. Join a group of tablemates and a speaker at 5:30 p.m. April 10 at the Betty Ehart Senior Center for an informative conversation.
This is the second of a series of articles on the featured speakers.  To see a complete list of speakers, topics and to print a registration form, visit www.lapsfoundation.com.
Registration opens on Monday. Reservations are complete when payment has been received.
Richard “Dick” Mason
Topic to be discussed:  “Stethoscope: Listen to Heath Care’s Heartbeat.” Some of his speaking points include:
• The U.S. spends twice as much on health care than does the next highest industrialized country
• The U.S. health care system is ranked  37th in the world by the World Health Organization
• Does the federal health care reform bill (PPACA) hurt or help?
• What will PPACA mean for New Mexico?
Mason is the chair of the Legislative Committee — Health Action New Mexico,
co-chair of the Sandoval County Community Health Alliance and a member of the Board of Directors — UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center.

Katrin Heitmann
Topic to be discussed: “Secrets of a Dark Universe.” Some of her speaking points include:
• 99.6 percent of our universe is dark.
• Observations indicate that the Universe consists of 70 percent of a mysterious dark energy, 25 percent of a yet identified dark matter component, and only 0.4 percent of the remaining 5 percent of ordinary matter is visible.
• Understanding the physics of this dark sector is the foremost challenge of cosmology today.
Heitmann will discuss how we arrived at our current picture of the Universe and its evolution and how simulations on the largest computers in the world can help us to shed light on the mysteries of the dark Universe.
She  received her doctorate degree in 2000 in physics at the University of Dortmund in Germany. She joined Los Alamos as a director’s postdoctoral fellow in the same year and was converted to a staff member in 2004 in ISR division.