LAPS finds a new home on Trinity

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Superintendent Gene Schmidt said there are many benefits to the new building

By Kirsten Laskey

It’s been almost a month since the Los Alamos Public School administrative offices moved from 751 Trinity to 2075 Trinity. And while the administrative offices had been at their previous location since 1947, the new address is already starting to feel familiar.


“It has begun to feel like home,” Superintendent Gene Schmidt said. “The car can find its way here.”

While the primary reason for the move was to proceed with the Trinity Redevelopment Project, there are other benefits to the building. Schmidt commented that structurally, the new building is better and it allows for everyone who works for the administration to be in one building. “Everything you need is right here,” he said. “One stop shopping.”

Additionally, Schmidt said the move gave the district an excuse to do some spring cleaning and throw out things that were unnecessary.

The price was another benefit. Schmidt said the district is leasing the building from owner Elmo C de Baca with the intent to buy it.

Originally, the plan was to move into the Pueblo Complex but the renovations were too expensive.

There are long-term benefits as well. Schmidt said.

With the old offices being abandoned and torn down, this will make way for the rental spaces for the district — which will give LAPS revenue and have a positive impact on tax payers’ dollars,” Schmidt said.

He added that the Trinity development project will work to bring in new retail businesses, which will not only increase local shopping opportunities but also offer new jobs.

It is not an entirely perfect picture, however. While minimal renovations had to be made to the building, Schmidt said work will be done to the southwest side of the building to create a more visible entrance.

Also, as with any move, there is the initial challenge of trying to remember where everyone is.

“There are things that we have given up in trade … this building doesn’t have a large room for school board meetings or training,” Schmidt said.

Although plans are being made to change this, board meetings will be held in school buildings.

Despite these challenges,” Schmidt said there is excitement and a new energy with moving into a new location. Plus, “the transition went well,” he said.

Cathy McCullough, Schmidt’s secretary added, “I think (the move) went well, too. (I’m) pleased with the planning and the follow-through.”

The community also helped make the transition easier by exercising support and patience.

“I think that the community has been very patient,” Schmidt said. “For many years the district just existed in buildings that were old … it’s just going to be dramatic as we move forward … the community should be applauded … we’re moving forward with high quality buildings. (The community will) watch us grow and be proud of what’s going (on). This would not happen without the support of the community,” he said.

The community will be able to see the new administrative offices first-hand during an open house, which is scheduled for sometime in September.