LANL wins 4 NNSA awards

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 The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Tuesday announced that it has awarded 18 Sustainability Awards for innovation and excellence to its national laboratories and sites.

Los Alamos National Laboratory won four awards for work in DNA, greenhouse gases, environmental sustainability and energy management.

The awards recognize exemplary individual and team performance in advancing sustainability objectives through innovative and effective programs and projects that increase energy, water and fleet efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases, pollution and waste. NNSA has conducted an internal environmental stewardship awards program for more than a decade.

“I congratulate the winners of this year’s Sustainability Awards and all those involved in our efforts to implement environmentally responsible and sustainable operations and projects,” said James McConnell, NNSA Acting Associate Administrator for Infrastructure and Operations. “NNSA will continue striving to develop new and creative solutions to minimize the environmental impact of our vital national security mission.”

The award recipients were selected by a panel of judges from NNSA Headquarters and sites who reviewed and scored the 28 nominations submitted in 11 award categories. The 18 sustainability awards comprise 11 “Best in Class” and seven “Environmental Stewardship.”

Four of the winners were from Los Alamos.

In the Best in Class awards, Dr. Dennis Hjeresen won for Exceptional Service/Sustainability for his work in DNA.  According to the release, Hjeresen recognized a demonstrated history of exemplary performance in leading implementation of sustainable practices while reflecting a comprehensive approach to energy and environmental management through innovative strategies, practices and outreach.

LANL also won for Greenhouse Gas Scope 3: Tracer Forensic Incident Response Exercise (FIRE) Virtual Workshop. The NNSA release recognizes site greenhouse gas reduction strategies and management approaches that address Scope 3 emissions. The approach exceeds targets in the SSPP and emphasizes a holistic approach to greenhouse gas management, including teleworking and other emissions-saving measures.

LANL also picked up an environmental stewardship award. Andrew Erickson was recognized as one who takes the initiative to foster behavior change in the immediate work environment. Recognition focuses on efforts that advance one or more of the goals identified in the site’s Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP).

The lab also won for  an innovation and holistic approach. The release said the award was for energy management and experimenation at the National Security and Sciences Building.