LANL ramps back up

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By The Staff

Throughout the 16-day government shutdown, Los Alamos National Laboratory employees continued to report to work.

On Thursday, lab Director Charlie McMillan wrote a memo to his employees, providing an update on the lab’s status.

“I’m pleased to confirm what you may have already seen in news reports. The federal budget impasse has been temporarily resolved,” he wrote. “I am lifting the suspension of operations planned for the end of the day today. All LANS employees should report for work as normal.”

The memo told workers that it will take some time for the lab to return to normal operations.

“Please work with your managers and Facility Operations Directors to accomplish this safely and securely. When in doubt, ask,” McMillan wrote. “ We are beginning the process of formally recalling our subcontractors. This may take a number of days depending on the program, funding on-hand and release of FY 2014 funds.

“We will complete time collection for this week but will temporarily suspend collection of time for the weeks of Oct. 21 and 28. Corrections for those weeks will be made available next week.”
McMillan made a number of other points.

• He is requiring Principal Associate Director approval for all travel for the time being.
• Plans to extend training deadlines have been cancelled. Stay current on required training.
• The one-week extension of year-end input in the PerforM system will stand.

“Although we have more clarity on the furlough question, the effects of the Continuing Resolution on lab programs are not as clear,” McMillan said. “Our conservative stewardship of taxpayer funds has given us the ability to deal with the current uncertainties, and this stewardship will need to continue. We will maintain the Laboratory Integrated Stewardship Council (LISC) for continued oversight of our fiscal matters.”