LANL Foundation announces scholarship winners

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LAESF: 68 students will receive funds

By The Staff

Last week, the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation announced the 2012 scholarship recipient awardees.  
Sixty-eight students were awarded a total of $401,000 in scholarships.  The recipient of the top Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund) $30,000 Platinum award is Scott Carlsten, a Los Alamos High School senior and burgeoning career scientist.
Carlsten builds solid rocket engines, which use the same fuel as the space shuttle.  “I mixed chemicals into fuels and casted them into the engines.  I had some very successful tests, but finally settled on the fuel that the Space Shuttle uses in its booster rockets,” Carlsten said.  “Ever since I was given a telescope six years ago and used it to explore the enigmatic and beautiful universe, I’ve known that science is what I want to study and do as a career.”
 Carlsten not only enjoys viewing the stars, he also likes to photograph them using special telescopes equipped especially for theendeavor. Carlsten’s photos are even posted on popular stargazing websites like Sky and Telescope. He plans to study physics and biology in college, but is undecided in the school he’ll be attending.
In addition to Carlsten, 67 other students from Northern New Mexico received a LAESF award, as administered by the LANL Foundation in 2012. LAESF makes awards based on academic performance, leadership potential (extracurricular and community service activities) and career goals.  Financial need, diversity and regional representation are also integral components of the selection process.
According to Tony Fox, LANL Foundation Scholarship Program Officer, “LAESF gives every Northern New Mexico student the message that diligence and dedication to their work at school and in the community can be rewarded.”
 The goal of LAESF is to encourage students from Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe and Taos counties to pursue higher education.  Funds for LAESF come primarily from two sources: donations from LANL employees and subcontractors, and through a $250,000 matching gift from the Los Alamos National Security, the operator of LANL.
 “LAESF would not be possible without the generosity of LANL employees, LANS and donors from the general public,” Fox said. 
The following is a list of the 2012 LAESF Scholarship recipients:

Scott    Carlsten    Los Alamos High School    Platinum     $30,000

Mirella    Galvan-DeLaCruz    McCurdy High School     Gold     $20,000

George    Torres    Taos High School    Gold     $20,000

Morika    Hensley    Taos High School    Domenici     $10,000

Jacob    Leyba    Escalante High School    Domenici     $10,000

Cassandra    Miller    West Las Vegas High School    Domenici     $10,000

Rose    Miller    Santa Fe High School    Domenici     $10,000

Marcos    Mondragon    Mora High School    Domenici     $10,000

Jinhyun    Park    Los Alamos High School    Domenici     $10,000

Lucas     Sandoval    Cuba High School    Domenici     $10,000

Isaac    Chavez    Bernalillo High School    Leadership     $10,000

Skylar    Deckoff-Jones    Desert Academy    Leadership     $10,000

Anissa    Gallegos    Robertson High School    Leadership     $10,000

Lily    Hawley    Mesa Vista High School    Silver     $10,000

Emily    Talbot    Santa Fe Preparatory School    Silver     $10,000

Elena    Vigil    St. Michael’s High School     Silver     $10,000

Victoria    Wang    Los Alamos High School    Silver     $10,000

Jalila     Arthur    Robertson High School    Bronze     $4,000

Lucas    Baca    West Las Vegas High School    Bronze     $4,000

Helena    Bassett    Taos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Megan    Belzner    Desert Academy    Bronze     $4,000

Micha    Ben-Naim    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Mireya    Bouquin    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Lauren    Buchanan    Santa Fe Preparatory School    Bronze     $4,000

Ansel    Carpenter    Academy for Tech. & the Classics    Bronze     $4,000

Chantel    Davis    Robertson High School    Bronze     $4,000

Katherine    Dixon    Santa Fe Waldorf High School    Bronze     $4,000

Jinyi    Duan    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Nicole    Dunn    St. Michael’s High School    Bronze     $4,000

Julia    Fordham    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Paige    Foreman    New Mexico School for the Deaf    Bronze     $4,000

Vaughn    Fortier-Shultz    Santa Fe High School    Bronze     $4,000

Nicolas    Garcia    Espanola Valley High School    Bronze     $4,000

Jessica    Gonzales    Penasco High School    Bronze     $4,000

Huck    Green    Taos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Marisa    Griego    New Mexico State University    Bronze     $4,000

Angelica    Holmes    Pojoaque Valley High School    Bronze     $4,000

Gemma    Johnson    Santa Fe High School    Bronze     $4,000

Aubrie    Kuykendall    Mesa Vista    Bronze     $4,000

Elise    Lopez    St. Michael’s High School    Bronze     $4,000

Sean    Lujan    Robertson High School    Bronze     $4,000

Celestina    Martinez    Pojoaque Valley High School    Bronze     $4,000

Jaylene    Martinez    Peñasco High School    Bronze     $4,000

Hannah    McCarthy    Santa Fe High School    Bronze     $4,000

Joshua    McKown    Rio Rancho High School    Bronze     $4,000

Sarah    McPhee    Bernalillo High School    Bronze     $4,000

Naomi    Movshovich    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Andron    Ocean    Learning Academy    Bronze     $4,000

Melecio    Perea    West Las Vegas High School    Bronze     $4,000

Michael    Pierce    Robertson High School    Bronze     $4,000

Ryan    Rodriguez    New Mexico School for Arts    Bronze     $4,000

Kimberly    Schneider    V. Sue Cleveland High School    Bronze     $4,000

Matthew    Sullivan    Santa Fe Preparatory School    Bronze     $4,000

Jeffrey    Sward    Santa Fe High School    Bronze     $4,000

Lorenzo    Venneri    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Jacklin    Vigil    Mora High School    Bronze     $4,000

Vidalia    Vigil    Pecos Valley High School    Bronze     $4,000

Henry    Wikle    Monte Del Sol Charter School    Bronze     $4,000

Madison    Woelfel    McCurdy High School    Bronze     $4,000

Horace    Zhang    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Andrew    Zhao    Los Alamos High School    Bronze     $4,000

Jacob    Naranjo    New Mexico State University    Bronze     $3,000

Austin    Brown    University of New Mexico - Los Alamos    Bronze     $2,000

Erica    Garcia    New Mexico State University    Bronze     $2,000

Rachel    King    University of New Mexico - Taos    Bronze     $2,000