LANL Closes Road, Trails for Safety Reasons

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Los Alamos National Laboratory late Friday announced the closure of all publicly-accessible trails on lab property as well as West Road, which leads from the Los Alamos town site into Los Alamos Canyon.  The closure is in response to the increased fire risk and danger of flash flooding in these areas following damage to canyon headlands during the Las Conchas Fire.

“It’s an effort to ensure people’s safety and reduce the risk of injury and damage to property and sensitive natural and cultural resources,” said Chris Cantwell, LANL’s associate director for environment, safety, health, and quality.  

Closure signs will be posted in coming days.

The lab also cancelled all non-essential off-road work activity.

“As we often see after major wild land fires, vegetation is burned away and the soil can form a crust that repels water,” Cantwell said. “That means water just rushes downhill with very little to stop it and that can cause flash flooding.”