LAMS students adjust to their new digs

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By Katey Green and Angela Workman

With a new school, comes new rooms and new lockers, as well as qualities more advanced and high-tech.
There are tons of books to check out at the new library and during lunch, students can go in to play games, hang out with friends and eat. The only rules are, students must have a pass and keep their voices down.  
The library at the middle school is perfect for reading, homework and socializing with peers. The lockers are small, but they come in handy. Most of those who have classes on the top floor will find the view amazing.
A lot of discussion has been going on about the new school. Many people like, it but many people also complain about the small details such as the location of the lockers and their size and running up and down the stairs can be tiring.
But there are also many things to like, which includes the heating and cooling system, new desks, new materials, new features to the classrooms.