LAHS students form Young Republicans Club

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By Carol A. Clark

Students at Los Alamos High School have formed a Young Republicans Club on campus. YRC founder and Chair Joshua Dolin filed the proper paperwork with school administers and found a teacher to serve as club advisor.

“This election is an incredibly exciting moment in history and students are every bit as energized as adults, even if we can’t vote,” Dolin said. “There was an Obama Club on campus and there was a decent amount of kids for McCain on campus and I thought we should do something, too.”

Dolin, 16, has already been contacted by the head of the “Students for McCain” committee, which is part of McCain’s national campaign, he said. The high school junior has his sights set on a career in politics. “I would like to run for president someday because I think I’m a good leader and that I could steer the country in the right direction,” he said.

Jonathan Lathrop is the faculty sponsor for the club. “Mr. Lathrop is an excellent example of a teacher who puts the kids first,” said Dolin’s father, Ron Dolin. “He is actually a Democrat but felt so strongly about getting kids involved in the political process and in helping them take an interest in our country and our government that he volunteered to be the faculty sponsor of the Young Republicans Club. That is a true representation of both the best of teaching and the best of political engagement.”

Dolin’s father is chairman of the Los Alamos County Republican Party. He recently took several students to hear Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, and running mate, Gov. Sara Palin, speak at a rally in Albuquerque.

“Involving students in the political process has been a goal of mine since becoming chairman,” he said. “The kids were very excited to meet John and Sara, even getting Governor Palin’s autograph. I think attending the rally provided a first hand sense of the importance of this election, how national politics works, and the energy in the McCain campaign. I hope that by starting this club more students will take an active interest in this year’s election regardless of their political leanings. That should be a goal of anyone involved in politics.”

The local Young Republicans Club has 15 members. Club officers include, along with Dolin, Vice-Chairman Catelyn Booth, Treasurer and Publicity Chair KJ Juarez and Secretary Lorenza Bronkhurst.