LAHS students check a project off the list

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By The Staff

Sometimes it takes a village to make a project come together and with the help of Los Alamos Public Schools staff, yet another project is up and running, or sitting as the case may be.

Students from the Los Alamos Youth Leadership program have worked together for a few years to raise the funds to donate a bench to Los Alamos High School.

“It is always great to get a donation that will help support our kids. The LAYL groups do a lot to support the high school and the youth of our community,” Athletic Director Vickie Nelms said.

The bench, purchased with funds raised from car washes, rose sales, bake sales and T-shirt sales over a long period of time, has yielded the new addition for the school.

“From the minute the bench was put up, students started using it. What a fine idea in a perfect location,” Principal Grace Brown said.

The LAYL students consulted Brown and worked with Jeff Sargent, assistant coordinator of facilities, and his staff for the placement of the bench.

“The location that was chosen is great because this is an area that we have young people gather during the day to study, to talk or just enjoy the company of other kids,” Nelms said. “Without the help of our staff to get it installed and put in place we would not have the nice benches and tables.”

“Each year, the students give careful consideration of what project to do,” said Sharon Stover, LAYL adult leader, who along with Judge Alan Kirk founded the leadership program.

“The students were proud that on the back of each seat has their logo, ” Stover said.

This is the third major piece of equipment the Los Alamos Youth Leadership program has worked to place at the high school.

The two previous purchases include the marquee, through a special donation from Los Alamos National Bank and a LAYL trash can.

“Each project brings challenges and the students learn how to seek a positive solution,” Stover said.

The youth leaders are already on their next challenge, which is holiday shopping.

The team also fundraises so they can adopt a less fortunate family for the holidays.

As the program divides students into three teams, the teams will utilize their funds to benefit one member of a three-person family.

To learn more about this YMCA and JJAB sponsored program, check out the JJAB website at www.losalamosjjab.com