LAGRI gives a vote of thanks to local residents

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The Los Alamos Governmental Review Initiative thanks the community of Los Alamos that helped make the Sept. 12 Council Candidate Forum a successful educational event. 
Our goal in this project was to gather enthusiasm for the upcoming Nov. 2 election and give the voters a chance to hear candidates answer questions on a broad range of topics. 
We were able to draw and ask a large number of the questions we received from the public. The range of topics included the form and structure of our county government, economic development and current projects.
Thank you to Fran Berting, Deborah Gill, Betty Ann Gunther, Jim Hall, Geoff Rodgers and Ronald Selvage for participating and answering the questions with clarity and candor. We also thank Roger Snodgrass who came from Santa Fe and moderated the forum.
Dave and Gillian Sutton of KRSN AM 1490 Radio and Greg Kendall from PAC 8 Television extended this forum out to the larger community of Los Alamos at home and on the road.  KRSN broadcast the event live and PAC 8 is broadcasting 9/23 and 9/24 as well as having the video available in its online library at www.PAC8.org.  These are important community services, and we thank you.
My personal thanks go out to all the members of LAGRI who worked with such focus before and during the event and to Barbara Calef of the League of Women Voters for answering my many questions about the technical aspects of running such a forum.  Please check our calendar of events at www.LAGRI.org  for additional listings of upcoming candidate forums. Please visit us often, consider joining LAGRI and remember to check your voter registration.  Most importantly, vote!  Your voice counts.

Ellen Walton
LAGRI president