LA student earns opportunity of a lifetime

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By Kirsten Laskey

Persistence can pay off. Barranca Elementary School fourth-grader Cameron Harlow can attest to that statement.


When a casting call for the movie, “Brothers,” was posted, Harlow’s mother, Linda, took him and his brother to audition for the movie. However, the casting director Marty Cherrix told Harlow he wasn’t needed.

It wasn’t the last time Harlow would hear from Cherrix. Later, Cherrix contacted the aspiring actor to see if he would be interested in auditioning for another movie being filmed in New Mexico.

So in 2007, Halow journeyed to Santa Fe to do a series of auditions. First, he did an interview at a hotel and then was called back to audition again at Greer Grasen Studio at the College of Santa Fe.

The third audition was for the director of the movie, Scott Stewart. This time around things were more favorable to Harlow. By the end of April 2007, he had learned he had gotten the part of Minivan Boy in the major motion picture, “Legion.”

Harlow has started his acting career with a major bang. Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson and Kate Walsh star in the movie, which has been released around the world.

The movie opened in January and it is still one of the top movies at the box office, according to www.rottentomatoes.com. The movie is about God, who has lost faith in mankind, and decided to send down to Earth his legion of angels to wipe out mankind. The Archangel Michael, however, wants to help the human race.

Filming for the movie began in May 2007, and Harlow spent four days on the set, which was located near Galiesto. Filming also occurred at the Greer Grasen Studio.  His character, Harlow explained, is a little boy who becomes demonically possessed. Although it was a  rather grizzly role Harlow said he enjoyed his character. Harlow added, “I liked all the famous people.” He particularly enjoyed hanging around with Tyrese Gibson. “He was fun,” Harlow said.

Even though the hours were long and a lot of the filming was done at night, Linda said, “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

She added this is her son’s first time acting but he won rave reviews from the director. Linda said Stewart believed Harlow could go far in his acting, if he wants. If it’s something he is interested in, that’s wonderful, she said, if not, well, then “Legion” offered a great experience.  

Harlow was not only a novice actor, he was the youngest person on the set.  Some  may feel intimidated under these circumstances but Harlow doesn’t seem be quivering. In fact, he said he hopes to do more films.  Harlow and his family traveled to the Dream Catcher theater in Española to see his film debut.   Watching himself on the screen, Harlow said, “(I) felt really good and a little weird and excited.”

And what do his friends think of his role? “Some of my friends think it’s a little messed up because of the plot,” Harlow said.