LA Board of Education's motion

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 “I move that the administration work with teaching staff to give priority to the following actions:

• Review district-promulgated programs and policies that reduce instructional time with students

• Identify district discretionary programs that can be suspended

• Review state-mandated programs and identify minimum requirements to accomplish program direction.

• Identify requirements that cause significant reduction in teacher’s available instructional time.

• And, direct administration to come before the Board at the November 12th meeting with the following response;

• District discretionary programs that have been suspended

• District discretionary programs requiring Board review and approval before being suspended

• State program requirements that are having an undue impact on instructional time, and further,

• And that the administration comes before the Board with a draft letter to the Public Education Department stating the district’s commitment to:

• Excellence in education

• Achievement and growth for all students

• An effective, research-based teacher evaluation system coordinated with an individualized professional development program for instructional staff

• An ongoing school evaluation system that takes into account student achievement of all students, family involvement, and administrative performance

• Accountability for all LAPS programs and personnel

And stating the district’s intent to:

• Request waivers of certain requirements, programs, and/or program elements because of resource limitations and undue impact on instructional time

• implement key elements of the instructional personnel evaluation system in a professional and through manner with the intent of identifying strengths and weaknesses and using our experience to propose  an improved alternative for use at LAPS for the FY15 school year.

• And thanking PED for their continued focus on improving educational outcomes for all students in New Mexico and stating our ongoing commitment to work with them as an educational partner.”