L.A. Apartments demolition to begin soon

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One building will remain for continued occupation and use

By Special to the Monitor

Demolition of the former Los Alamos Apartments is expected to get underway soon. The contractor, Coronado Wrecking, has begun mobilizing and staging at the site this week. Four of the five buildings on the western side of the site with addresses 1305, 1175, 1075 and 1013 will be demolished. Building 939, as well as the adjacent parking lot immediately to the west, will remain for continued occupation and use. The other four buildings slated for demolition are unoccupied. The use, access and safety of the residents in building 939 will be protected with temporary fencing that will isolate the demolition operations.

The first activity, asbestos abatement, is expected to start in early November. This portion of the project must be accomplished using certified contractors who are required to prevent any airborne release through redundant measures. These activities should cause little disruption and be fairly transparent to the general public. Air monitoring stations will operate during abatement as a safety precaution, but no air quality issues are anticipated. The site will be fenced for safety and security and work will be contained within this area.

When actual demolition begins in December, motorists traveling on Central Avenue may see large equipment working and subsequently will hear noise typically associated with any demolition project.

This stage of the process is expected to be accomplished from December through the end of the project in April. Crews will begin at the western edge of the site (next to Bradbury Science Museum’s Central Avenue parking lot) and proceed east until they reach building 939.

Waste is expected to be hauled away in large trucks turning east onto Central then south onto Knecht Street (formerly known as “Wall Street”) to turn west onto Trinity Drive as they drive to the Los Alamos County Eco Station for disposal.

The site will be completely cleared and remediation/reseeding will occur next spring and summer. The contractor has been directed to preserve landscaping and trees located away from the buildings.

The contract for demolition was awarded at the Oct. 6 council meeting. The budget was established as part of the CIP application process and has an approved FY10 budget allocation of $3,788,653.

However, bids came in lower than expected and staff requested that council establish an associated project budget in the amount of $1,456,906.

The project should be substantially completed by April 2010, with final completion by July 31, 2010.