Kudos and pleas(e)

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The parks and recreation department deserves kudos for two wonderful additions to our community.  
The miniature golf course is a delight both visually and for those playing the free facility.  
Further down the road leaving Los Alamos is a stunning trail along the south rim that is accessible to one and all with its wide paved path, bridge overlook and benches to stop for a rest along the way.  
If you have not tried it yet, it is great for jogging, walking your dog, biking, strolling or rolling a wheel chair.  The parking lot is right across the road from the new food co-op, another long awaited addition offering market options for our residents.  
Yes, our community is moving in a very positive direction.  I hope we can say the same five years from now.  Having followed the long discussed options for our new municipal building every step of the way, we went to the Fuller Lodge presentation last month.  
The various options were well displayed for the public and representatives of the architectural firm were on hand to answer questions.  We were dismayed however, at how little they had to say about design features involving the use of energy efficiency.  
In fact there seemed to be little attention even to how the buildings were situated to utilize sunlight, not only to heat the buildings, but to also have the best effect on the parking lot area.  
Please, council folks, when you make a final decision, remember what parking (and walking) is like on the north side of buildings during the winter months.  
Just think of the LANB building and how much better it is to be in the south parking lot vs the north parking lot in cold weather.  Ice builds up on the north side of structures and sometimes does not melt for months.  Being that the architectural firm is not local, perhaps this basic problem is not apparent to them.  
And of course, there is the great debate regarding Trinity Drive.  I have another plea to our council folks ... let the community vote on whether to replace it with a series of roundabouts on a two lane road.  Unlike a building or recreational additions which benefit a portion of our community, the road is utilized by all of us regularly.  There are very few options for vehicles if this idea becomes reality and turns out to be problematic.  
We certainly don’t want to end up increasing the traffic on Central Avenue.  Don’t force the decision of a few on the rest of us.  If the roundabouts are such a good idea, then make it incumbent upon the proponents to convince a majority of the populace of their benefits.  
Put this idea to a county-wide vote before any action — please.  

Sallie Kahler
Los Alamos