Kratzer wins this week's race

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David Kratzer missed a perfect prediction by just two seconds at this week’s Pace Race.

The Pace Race is a weekly event hosted by the Atomic City Roadrunners. The race, the club’s annual Watermelon Run, was Tuesday and started at Piñon Park in White Rock.

Kratzer just topped Ted Romero, who was only four seconds off. Romero was also the fastest finisher on the 3-mile course with his time of 19 minutes, 38 seconds. Last week’s best predictor, Roxana Candia, was only six seconds off this week.

Laura McClellan was the top female finisher on the 3-mile course with her time of 22:50. On the 1-mile course, Jacob Thompson finished in 6:27 and Reynie Benelli finished in 7:39.

Tuesday’s run attracted 30 participants including members of the Triatomics Youth Group. All participants were treated to a slice of watermelon following their finishes.

The next Pace Race will be Tuesday starting near the roundabout at San Ildefonso Road and Diamond Drive. Race time is 6 p.m.

For more information on the race or the Roadrunners, call 672-1639 or visit the club’s website at atomicrunners.com.