Keep garbage away from wildlife

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Garbage is mixed in with trash, recycled cardboard, and papers (chicken bones, pizza boxes, paper plates not rinsed, food containers and wrappers, etc.).
The smell of garbage attracts the bears into our communities and they become a nuisance and a dangerous threat to the lives of our families. The bear is blamed for doing what comes naturally. The bear is trapped, relocated and sometimes euthanized.
Everyone can help alleviate these concerns by developing a few simple habits.
For instance:
1. Rinse all food smells off of everything you put into your trash and recycle bins.
2. Collect garbage in a bag in the freezer until the morning of trash day.
3. If you have to put your trash out the night before, soak some paper towels in ammonia and place them on top in the bin with the garbage.
4. Keep your trash bins in the garage at least until the snow falls.
Fruit trees are a problem, but if the fruit can be picked or disposed of when ripe that can help discourage intruders. At least fruit is a natural diet for bears in the wild. None of us want our address on the list of five-star restaurants for bears, or any of the wild animals that live in our canyons and forests. Please help save the lives of the local wildlife and make our communities safer by cleaning up your trash —literally.
Joy Green
Los Alamos