A kaleidoscope of music to be offered Friday

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By Kirsten Laskey

A few of the perks of traveling and performing in concerts are the sights you see and people you meet.

For instance, when the Waybacks came to Los Alamos for the first time last year, founding singer, songwriter and guitarist James Nash recalled how they were introduce to red and green chili at breakfast.

He joked as much as the band is looking forward to returning to the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series at 7 p.m. Friday at Del Norte Credit Union, they are really eager to eat some more chili sauce.

They are also excited to once again be a part of the summer concert series.

“What a cool concert (series),” James Nash said. “We’re honored to be a part of it.”

The band has traveled, performed and seen some unique sights for the past seven years.

James Nash described the band, which includes fiddler and mandolin player Warren Hood, bass player Joe Kyle, Jr., and drummer Chuck Hamilton, as Americana.

Their music runs the gambit, James Nash said.   

The band offers electric instruments, with folk and roots underpinnings and a repertoire that includes Memphis soul, honky-tonk, Parisian swing, classical music, vintage blues, pop and much more.

In an e-mail, concert series organizer Russ Gordon wrote, “They started out as a bluegrass and folk band and have evolved into one of the most talented group of musicians to ever play Los Alamos and believe it or not, to play in the United States ... Just check out these guys Friday night. The genre of the music is all over map. You’ll still hear some bluegrass and folk but you’ll also hear jazz, rock, roots-rock and Americana ... Why aren’t they number one on the charts? Well, they have been number one on some of the charts.”

According to the bands’ website, the San Francisco Bay area band is currently releasing their album, “Loaded, “which is described on the website as “the boldest, rangiest and most exciting album of their career.”

Expect some range during the concert Friday. James Nash said the audience will hear instrumental fireworks, improvisational pieces and serious songs. “You’ll laugh and you’ll cry when you see our show,” he said.

The band’s manager, Michael Nash added, “They’re a great band. They’re eclectic, unpredictable and high energy. They’re great musicians. Always crowd pleasers.”