Judicial candidate’s judgement called into question

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As suggested by other letters, it is probably true that judical candidate Gary Ahlers is a fine community member and neighbor who helps kids, his neighbors and his church, but does that give him the qualifications to be our magistrate judge? I would offer that this is far too low of a qualification threshold for being a judge. What his opponents and I are concerned about is Ahler’s past and present issues/problems that suggest a strong potential for poor judgment as a judge.
We have been told about his incidents as a New Jersey policeman from a number of years ago. I agree that years provide opportunity for an individual to mature, learn and put mistakes in their past; however, there have been a series of recent events that I believe again brings into question Ahlers’ qualifications.
First, his wife who is vice-president of the Los Alamos Board of Education, supported Kevin Honnell to fill an open board position and we later discovered that Honnell is Ahlers’ campaign treasurer.
Also, Ahlers’ election signs have been placed on many lawns of families, sometimes without their permission,  who have a child coached by the Ahlers. It is as if displaying signs would make people think that a majority of us were backing his candidacy.
Additionally, his large election signs have two problems. They do not indicate on the sign who paid for it, as is required. And according to the Sign Permit Application, political  signs may be no larger than two square feet.
Every candidate had to agree to these conditions. Ahlers’ signs clearly violate this rule in numerous locations. While this may seem petty, it creates questions about Ahlers’ continuing lack of judgment for rules and policies — which is certainly an essential qualification for  a judge.
Finally, there is also the issue of the Los Alamos Public Schools’ new district office. Mrs. Ahlers brokered the lease/buy arrangement for the new district office. The seller of the property  then became the major contributor to Ahlers campaign.
This just does not feel right to me.  Los Alamos deserves a judge who has integrity and good judgment.
Amy Storey
Los Alamos