Judge candidate has shown true colors

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In previous Rio Grande Sun stories regarding Yvonne Quintana, you read about her unethical issues wherein she cheated families from their family inheritance, including a disabled Vietnam veteran, to enrich herself.
According to the story in the May 20, 2010 issue of the Rio Grande Sun, Yvonne Maneuvered to take possession of her client’s residence (Wences Martinez, who is now deceased) after representing him in his divorce matter.
Yvonne ousted her client from his home, had him move into a trailer owned by her, then field a claim against his estate for $1,800 in past due rent.
In the meantime, her client’s disabled son lived in a nursing home.
The story also says the state rules forbid lawyers from withholding information from the court. In representing Martinez, Yvonne failed to tell the court all the facts regarding the sale of a property by her client.
The story further states that the Veteran Services Department filed a lien against the property.
Yvonne was not forthcoming with all the facts in this matter. Yvonne is not the type of person to be considered as a judge. Yvonne’s unethical practices would probably continue.
According to Yvonne’s radio ads, she states that she is compassionate and would be an honest judge. How can attorney Yvonne Quintana, who has an unethical record, claim that she is now honest?
Enough is enough! Yvonne, stop your nonsense.
Don Martinez