Jeweler debuts collection on HSN

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Jeni Kittleson will launch her jewelry collection on HSN. “Jeni’s Fashion Jewelry Premiere” airs from 4-5 p.m. today on Dish 222 and DirectTV 240.


Kittleson, from Santa Fe, will be live on-air for one hour with HSN host Connie Craig-Carroll. HSN.com is a top-10 most trafficked e-commerce site.

Kittleson’s collection is broken down into two lines, a mosaic gem cluster line and a woman warrior line. There are a 15 pieces in the collection: three bracelets, four earrings, five necklaces and three rings.

“The theme overall for both groups is armor for women,” Kittleson said. “The majority of my collection is focused towards the woman warrior as the pieces are bold and act as personal shields for the wearer so she can face the world with even more confidence as the pieces will bring out the inner strength of the woman so she can wear it on the outside.”

“I am so beyond thrilled and full of nerves launching my first line,” Kittleson adds. “I have designed countless collections for other companies always wishing and envisioning what I would do if I could actually design what I wanted to wear. I always felt that the jewelry industry was so saturated by the same old looks and there needed to be more variety and uniqueness offered. I believe I have done what I set out to do for this first launch! I hope the viewers feel the same.”

CEO Mindy Grossman runs HSN with more than $3.2 billion in sales.

According to a training Kittleson attended at the HSN headquarters in Florida, Grossman is working hard to bring in younger designers like herself.

The jewelry for sale on “Jeni’s Fashion Jewelry Premiere” tomorrow are part of that effort showcasing work that is new in the industry and cannot be found in department stores.
HSN is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.