Janecky dedicates life to LA gymnastics

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By Phil Scherer

For nearly four decades, Louise Janecky has dedicated herself to the gymnastics community of Los Alamos.

Janecky, known as Loui, has been the director and head coach of the Los Alamos School of Gymnastics since 1981. All told, she has been involved as a gymnastics coach around the country since 1976.

Recently, she has been re-elected to her position as the Region three chair of the USA Gymnastics Xcel National Committee, a position she has held since 2013.

In this role, Janecky not only takes part in the rule-making process for USA Gymnastics, but also assists in the education of coaches and judges both regionally and nationally.

Janecky also plays a leadership role in state and regional competitions, traveling to conventions to educate gymnastics professionals both in lectures and in hands-on coaching clinics.

All of this in addition to her hands-on role as the head coach of the Los Alamos School of Gymnastics, a role in which she completely immerses herself.

“She cares deeply about these kids,” Los Alamos School of Gymnastics board member and parent Ann Gardner said.

“She makes sure they work hard and holds them responsible, and she loves them to death.”

According to Gardner, Janecky’s love knows no bounds, as she always has a hug ready for any child enrolled in the school, whether past or present.

However, that love does not mean she takes it easy on the kids. In fact, she makes them work harder than they believe they are capable of because she is so confident in their ability to be successful.

Gardner specifically remembers one incident involving her child, who is enrolled in the program.

Her daughter was struggling with part of her routine, and felt like she couldn’t complete it. Instead of allowing her to feel defeated, Janecky walked over to the young girl and said, “You can do this. Knock it off.” She then added, “If you can’t do it, I’m going to knock you down a level.”

On her very next try, the girl completed the routine and ended up with a huge smile on her face.

More than anything, Janecky’s “tough-love” technique is meant to add a level of self-confidence to the children.

The technique has led to a high level of success from the program. Over the years, the children place very high at manystate competitions.

Unlike other programs, which cherry-pick their top kids to go to competitions, her program takes all the kids with them, and they all get a chance to compete.

“There is no favoritism involved at all,” Gardner said.

And this level of caring and commitment extends off the gymnastics floor as well.

Janecky will often text the children on their birthdays or holidays to let them know she cares, and provides jobs to many former participants when they get older as a way of continuing to help them.

When she is not immersed in the world of gymnastics, Janecky is a dog-lover and enjoys working in her garden. She is also a very crafty person.

For the state meet this year, she created headpieces for each of the girls to wear as a way of combining two of her biggest passions.

More than anything, she wants the kids to have a positive experience.

“She wants to have a meaningful relationship with all of these kids, and she will always listen to them,” Gardner said. “She really does have a heart of gold.”