It’s time to turn the focus to jobs, jobs and more jobs now

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Now that Obama has been “shellacked” in the midterm election, he can get back to the urgent issue of jobs, jobs, jobs.  
How would those jobs be financed? One way would be to divert some money from all the war spending to job creation in infrastructure projects.  
We already know that $3 trillion will have gone down the drain in the Iraq war so we cannot save that.
How about Afghanistan? The Karzai government in Afghanistan is rated the second most corrupt in the world. Yet we have supported Karzai on the CIA payroll.  
But the big item is the war itself.  That will likely cost a trillion dollars in direct operating costs alone.  
If Afghanistan goes the way of Iraq, we are looking at $3 trillion when all the invoices are in.  
So stop the wars and use the savings to put people to work.

Dick Foster
White Rock