It’s time to show your ’Topper pride

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This is the perfect week to look at Asset number 24, Bonding to School. Welcome to Homecoming week, lets go Hilltoppers!
On Sunday, the senior class will head up to LA Mountain to paint the rocks that form LA. If all goes well, the LA could be visible for miles. We should all rally as a community and have each person carry one rock up there and put it in place one summer.
The truth is that the LA is pretty far up there if you have never taken the trek. If you’d like to feel really old or out of shape, just stand at the bottom and look up. Then if you dare to actually scale the mountain, you will get a clear  understanding about why we don’t do more to make it visible.
No, we can’t construct something up there. Been there, done that. Did you know it is actually considered graffiti and the powers that be ignore the annual trek due to tradition?  So we can’t build one out of wood and we can’t light it up. Even if you tried, that would be a battle all by itself.
I do believe that as a community, we could improve the visibility of the LA. I just think it would take a very dedicated person who could rally the troops to get it done.
In the meantime, the week of activities at Los Alamos High School consists of the following: On Monday the seniors will wear those old paint clothes from Sunday and their classmates will wear super hero costumes. On Tuesday, you can decide to be a nerd or an athlete. I’d like to see a combination of both in one person. Wednesday is pajama day and all will be right with the world. Thursday will see the campus as a hodge-podge of cowboys, ninjas, togas and hippies. I’ll let you figure out who is who. Finally, the whole community should turn out some green and gold for the big day on Friday.
“Sacrifice the Eagles” is the theme for the parade and Coach Williams and crew would like to show Belen the ’Topper Pride at Sullivan Field that night. If you have a different alma mater, it doesn’t matter because everyone is a ’Topper on Friday. We need to show the green and gold from the rock in White Rock to the concession booth at the end of Sullivan Field.
Have a wonderful time seniors. The best is yet to come.
Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos. On Monday, she’ll talk to the LAHS band director about Friday’s halftime performance, to Kenny from Kenny’s BBQ and to Will of the Y. The interviews are from 9-10 a.m. and can be streamed on www.krsnam1490.com.