It’s OK to follow the bad fad

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By Alexandra Hehlen


After doing a little research and observation, I came to a conclusion about this year’s fall trends: they’re a little difficult.

Usually I’m on board with the newest fads and excited to embrace them. Yet, there are a few parts of this season’s trends that are difficult for me — and probably for others — to incorporate into their respective styles.

Some people simply may decide not to embrace the trends they dislike. To me, however, fashion is a challenge and going through the process of turning a fad you think you cannot wear into one that fits your style is a gratifying learning experience.
Before we talk about the tough trends, let’s recap the ones I like:

• Furs: Faux or for real, you can buy just about any style and color. Fur is fluffing up hats, jackets and scarves this season. 

• Mid-thigh and knee-length coats: Pick up a colorful pea coat, or dress down an outfit with a casual coat that has cargo-like pockets, for example. 

• White: Forget the “no white after Labor Day” rule. Linear blazers, flowy blouses, jeans and pea coats are all a hit in this bright neutral. Take a leap and wear white-on-white with a touch of color in the form of an accessory. 

• Menswear-inspired pieces:

Contrary to popular belief, wearing pieces like these can actually make for a more feminine and powerful look. Focus especially on houndstooth- and plaid-printed blazers. Try out linear pieces, such as suits and add a blouse with a feminine ruffle, bow or flair. 

• Emerald green: This typical jewel tone works fabulously with burgundy, brown and mustard yellow to create a look in the most essential fall colors. 

The more difficult trends this season center on the edgy, dark, “punk-rocker” look, but don’t fret, there’s a way to make them work for everyone.

• The fashionable boots this season come over the thigh and are more difficult to wear than knee-high or ankle boots.

To look chic and classy rather than inappropriate, pull a pair of black velvet boots over some dark skinny jeans. Add a gray or black blazer, wear a white blouse underneath and add colorful accessories such as a red leather bag or a blue patterned scarf. 

• Fall fashion this season focuses on dark, edgy, studded leather. You can, however, twist this trend and make it work for you. Not every leather jacket has a punk vibe to it. Find a fitted leather jacket that’s cut like a chic blazer, or choose one that’s not black. 

• I nearly passed out when I heard that pajama pants were in style — and allowed outside of the house. No matter how much the magazines promote this trend, I will never wander farther outside in my pajama pants, than I do to get the newspaper from my mailbox on Sunday mornings. 

There are, however, aspects of pajama pants that I love and that can be incorporated into outerwear. Pajamas have a loose fit, so you can buy some high-waisted linen or silk pants — not fluffy, fleece ones — that are flowy, but look and fit like pants meant to be worn out of the house.

Try finding pants like these in a whimsical non-pajama print, such as a tribal pattern. 

New trends every season require us to test the bounds of our creativity and come up with something that suits our own style and personality. 

If there’s one fad that’s particularly bothering you, stand up to it. Your style will become more unique when you learn to bend the trend.

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