Issue continues to divide

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By Robert A. Nunz

Dear Editor,

I’m tires of sending letters to the editor, but I must take strong disagreement with George Chandler’s dismissal of the Monitor editorial criticizing Ken Milder on the skate park referendum rejection.

His dismissal of the editorial as “ignorant” by a putative civics New Mexico 101 lesson and some self congratulatory words about how well government functions here struck me to use another term common in political discussion today: “out of touch.”

That  issue that has and continues to divide our county,  plus the recent action on the Municipal Building site, may be matters of discretion for council, but the perception in many quarters is that said council  is much taken with its own judgement rather than listening to the folks they are elected to serve. Talking down to citizenry will just infuriate them further.

In regard to Mr. Milder, it’s sad that he represents the Democratic Party, which says it speaks for the people. If that’s the case, then he’s hardly the hero Mr. Chandler makes him out to be.

I think my fellow citizens in this considered to be best educated county can tell how well they are represented not only by Mr. Milder but the other folks of both parties sitting on the council. I fear that in many quarters the sentiment is those representatives have forgotten what it means to represent.

Los Alamos