Independent course on Trinity Place is best way

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By Richard Hannemann

The decision by Los Alamos County Council on Sept. 28 to find a new path for Trinity Place and the Los Alamos economy was a gutsy move. 

It was also the right thing to do. It means that Los Alamos will be designed with Los Alamos in mind. It is a first step toward an economically independent and self-reliant economy and community. Though it may take a bit longer, it will be well worth the wait. 

Los Alamos used to have a much healthier retail and general business sector than it has now.  By moving determinedly toward self reliance and independence, Los Alamos will have a healthier retail and general business sector than ever before.  Wait for it and work for it folks.  It’ll happen.

The council is not bound by the recommendations of the Municipal Site Steering Committee.  This was made abundantly clear in the enabling legislation.  Now, with a first step taken towards economic independence and self-reliance, the utilization of commercially viable properties, privately or publicly held, becomes antithetical. Indeed, though the committee long ago rejected it for a variety of nebulous, specious and/or tenuous reasons, there really is only one logical place to rebuild and restore our Municipal Building.

 In 1967, after an 18-year battle for autonomy, Los Alamos became a politically independent entity — a County de facto rather than de jure. Now 42 years later, we begin the second major challenge of making Los  Alamos an independent, viable, self-reliant economy.  There will be missteps along the way for we have a steep learning curve and real challenges. But if the creative energy of the people of Los Alamos remains focused on the goal of having a real town with diversity of population pursuing diversity of opportunity, then Los Alamos will succeed. 


Richard Hannemann

Los Alamos