Incumbent has served well

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For the past 20 years, Rep. Jeannette Wallace has served Los Alamos and the rest of her district well.
She is very knowledgeable of the state legislative process as well as our own county needs. She is liked and well respected by both her fellow Republicans and the Democrats who serve with her.
Being our representative has not been an easy job, but she has been diligent in doing her work and has done it with a spirit of dedication. She has served on important state legislative committees and has spent many hours attending meetings throughout the state during the months that the legislature was not in session.  
Rep. Wallace is without a doubt the most able and the most qualified person to hold this office.
Your vote for Wallace will be a vote for knowledge, integrity, service, and dedication.         

Ann K. Wadstrom, MD
Howard T. Wadstrom, MD
Los Alamos