IMTEC lays off ‘more than 10’ employees

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By Roger Snodgrass

A company official confirmed Wednesday that several employees at IMTEC, a Los Alamos manufacturing company, were laid off this week.

“We had just over 10 positions eliminated,” said Mark Farmer, general manger for digital oral care, whose office is in St. Paul, Minn. Farmer was en route back to his office Wednesday.

“These were positions not aligned with our longer term direction,” he said. “And that’s about it.”

Pressed for more specific information, Farmer declined to elaborate on how many “over 10” employees were involved.

He said the lay-offs were not performance related.

“They were all presented with a job elimination package,” he said. “They all know what they have going forward and how to obtain benefits, etc.”

In 2007 IMTEC, a dental implant company merged with HYTEC, the original Los Alamos company, which had developed a specialized visualization system. HYTEC, became a subsidiary of IMTEC, and HYTEC’s founder Tim Thompson became the CEO and president of the parent company.

In 2008, the giant 3M corporation acquired IMTEC. At that time, the company said there were 50 employees in Los Alamos.

IMTEC had made plans to construct new facilities near Entrada Business Park off NM 4, north of De Colores restaurant, but those plans appear to have progressed very little in recent months.

Los Alamos County development funds are involved in that project. County officials said they were not aware of any changes of plan.

Hugo Hinojosa, representing the financial management company that manages the building for IMTEC, LLC, which owns the building said, “We’ve been delayed, but we’re still on track to get it completed as soon as we can, so 3M can move in there.”

Farmer said he did not know the exact number of employees before the lay-offs, but pressed for an estimate, he said, “Maybe 28.”

He also said Thompson and IMTEC’s former board chairman Ronald A. Bulard had left the company about three months ago. He said he had “no details” about that.

“Certainly the business that organization was involved in was impacted by the economy as was our entire dental business,” Farmer said.