This is an important issue

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By Ralph Damiani

The time for involvement is now. The time to make your voice heard is now. Do not wait until the county begins tearing up the roadway – make your feelings known now.

We are talking about Trinity Drive. There was a public forum on March 5 and there has been a lot of information flying about over the project.

But it must be understood that the county is still in the talking stage, as far as we know no decision has been made.

So this is the time to speak up, to be heard. Do not wait until later.

There are some controversial components to the plan. Making Trinity a two-lane road versus the current four-lane is one such idea. Having a bunch of round-abouts up and down the roadway is also a matter for discussion.

That is the key – discussion. Speak now or forever hold your peace, the saying goes. Apply that here.

Yes, it seems that something needs to be done with Trinity. If nothing else, fix it.

But Public Works Director Kyle Zimmerman, Community Development Director Rick Bohn and LA Walks opened the idea of a complete street concept.

It is worth discussing.

As this project is being put together and fine-tuned, you should make your opinion heard.

True, as the county says, traffic along Trinity is falling. Our population is declining. But there are times when the roadway is pretty crowded. Are these times enough to keep it a four-lane road?

It is worth discussing.

Clearly, new sidewalks and walkways would be great. But what in the way of right of ways and roadways do we give up for new, improved walk ways?

It is worth discussing.

The workshop held earlier was only an initial discussion opportunity for residents. There is much ahead.

But it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities that will be provided.

Make your voice heard. This is worth discussing.