If you got them, then light them up

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By The Staff

This has been a Spark-tacular week for the Assets program.

Even though the infamous “It’s May,” mantra has reared its ugly head, there’s a lot of work getting done.

“It’s May,” is really the only descriptor needed amongst friends for that four-week period of craziness where you seem to be flying at mock speed, but aren’t really sure what you’re getting done.

It is a time when on certain days of this month you wonder if anybody keeps house, who does the dishes or when that pile of filing will really get done.

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Peter Benson of the Search Institute in Los Alamos for some “one on one time with community members.”

He spoke on the topic of sparks and how if you can find that thing, hobby, activity, etc., that ignites the flame that gives youth a purpose, life can be pretty great.

We’re not talking about something that makes a youth become self centered, but actually does the opposite in creating a more caring attitude toward studies, others, the world. You name it, if it is a good thing, it gets even better.

I was thrilled to hear of several activities that took place within 24 hours of the event.

Local parents and school personnel didn’t just listen to the ideas, but ran with them.

Chamisa teachers were planning to implement ideas into the curriculum within the next two weeks that would aid their work and be carried over into the next grade level.

Los Alamos Middle School staff and administration heard the call and are eagerly looking ahead to ways to implement simple efforts to benefit everyone in the year ahead.

The captain of the ship at Los Alamos High School was in attendance even if there were other pressing matters at hand. It is an easy idea to grasp and one that can be easily applied to anyone, everyone.

The funny thing about sparks is that many adults may not know what their spark is at the moment.

Maybe you had one once, but in the midst of changing diapers or changing jobs, you forgot, ran out of time or ran out of the energy to pursue it for now.

My hope is that you’ll get it back, even the idea of getting it back is a start. It sounds silly, but what can you do within the next week to look at developing your own spark or that of someone you know? If that thing is looking into a community education class at UNM-LA, signing up for a session at the YMCA or reserving a book from Mesa Public Library, hop online and do it.

The summer is just ahead and for many that might mean a few more hours in the week to spend time doing what you want to do without so many deadlines time frames looming overhead.

So do it, put something on paper and commit to heading down the path.

Like the beginning of the school year, once it starts, it’s almost over. Summer goes by in the blink of an eye and if you died tomorrow, you wouldn’t miss the re-run you watched for the third time.

Get out there and give it a whirl, what’s the worst that could happen?

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos. You can hear her from 9-10 a.m. Mondays on AM 1490 or www.KRSNAM1490.com.

This week she’ll talk to Donna Grim of Los Alamos Middle School and David Ganache of Rachel’s Challenge. LAMS hosts the program started after the tragedy at Columbine in the hope to create a chain reaction of kindness to and from Los Alamos through northern New Mexico.

AIA is sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Lauritzen will also look at PEEC summer activities with Terry Foxx.