Honor thy mother figure today

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By The Staff

Would you like to know what I’m doing today? Nothing! Not a darn thing. As a matter of fact, when you read this, I’m probably still in my pajamas. You don’t read the paper until noon? Well I’m still in my pajamas anyway.

That’s right, today is my day to do whatever I’d like and conversely, nothing at all. You might decide to give me a call, guess what?  The phone is off the hook. So just in case your goal was to get everybody out of the house bright and early, my goal was to sleep in until whatever time I decided to get up.

So today, I hope you if you’re a mother, step-mom, grandmother, mother-to-be or even someone that acts motherly to a child in your life, this day is for you.

I will also spend it doing an extraordinary amount of hugging. Much to everyone’s chagrin, what a great word, there will be lots of hugging.

Now don’t judge me, but I don’t really care for the Beatles. They did however record a really good song that says, “All you need is love.” I believe that to be true. All you do really need is love and for me that falls under the Asset category of support.

If you have someone in your life, that one go-to person who loves you no matter what, that’s all you really need. If you know a young person who doesn’t have somebody in their life who is that person, maybe you can be that person for them.

Kids go through a lot of stuff in their life and sometimes there’s an attempt to push those that care about them away. It doesn’t mean that you can’t point out that they’ve crossed a line, but it means you need to try even harder to show them that love.

I know everyone doesn’t have a mom to celebrate, or unfortunately ones who don’t earn the celebration. For those young people who need an encouraging word, a kind thought or a loving gesture, today or any other day might be the day for you to show it.

If every young person, and going one step further, every person was shown a little more love, a little more kindness and perhaps a little more patience, we’d have a really bright future ahead.

For those of you who are mothers-to be, the very best is yet to come. You could never imagine that God extends the boundaries of your heart with the birth of each child to show you how much capacity for love that you have inside. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos. She can be heard this Monday at 9 a.m. on AM 1490, KRSN speaking live with Dr. Peter Benson, of the Search Institute. Dr. Benson is the author behind the 40 Developmental Assets. He will be in Los Alamos for a free presentation Tuesday night. The presentation at UNM-LA is at 6:30 and reservations can be made at www.AssetsInAction.info or by calling 661-4846. Special credits are available for Los Alamos Public Schools employees.