Hometown soldier asks for help

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

My name is Carleen Mahoney Huff. I grew up in Los Alamos, along with the person I am trying to help out below, Gerald Paul Weeks.

Jerry was a graduate of LAHS in the year of 1980. He even was a police officer for our home town for awhile. Now, Jerry is serving as a medic over in Afghanistan and is asking for help:

Hello from Afghanistan. I miss you all very much. I am doing well but wish I was home with you ya‘ll.

I’m writting to you to tell you about some of our needs here. Not for me and my battle buddies, but for the impoverished children here, near the Pakistan border. It breaks my heart when these poor babies come in crying because their mother’s milk has dried up and they have no food to eat.They are so skinny, dirty and malnourished. Many are covered in lice and have no shoes and wear the same dirty clothes because they are too poor to buy another pair. We treat them as best as we can, but without food and clothing, our medicine is only a Band-aid.

If you have contacts with friends and local churches, who feel like they could help these poor babies out, I will make sure that the kids get what they are in need of personally.

There are parents come in every week to beg not for money, but for food and shoes and clothing. We give them soap, medications and food only when we can.