Holidays are a time to remember troops overseas

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By Kirsten Laskey

The holiday season brings out the spirit of giving in people. At the Children’s Clinic, the giving spirit caught on early after hearing about the 3/5 Marines I Co. 3rd Platoon.

Since September, the platoon has been in a remote area of Afghanistan. Among those fighting in this area is Jared Pinkerton, the son of Sheree Pinkerton, a Registered Nurse who works at the clinic. Pinkerton’s son, was injured just last week. He is being treated in a hospital overseas.

After hearing about the platoon’s isolation, workers at the clinic, and in the community, sprang into action to bring a little bit of home to the troops. This week, about 30 boxes created a rather large tower in the clinic’s office. Just about everyone who works at the Children’s Clinic donated items to be shipped out to the platoon; meanwhile a nurse’s husband, Tom Langworthy of LANS, encouraged his colleagues to donate items.

The Children’s Clinic is footing the bill for the shipping. This is not a one-time effort; workers at the clinic have pledged to continue mailing care packages to the troops.

In regard to the response the effort has sparked, Pinkerton said, “I feel so proud of all the people I work with. It makes me happy to be a part of this community.”

Even more valuable than the gifts, she said, is the thought that the troops will know people are thinking of them and supporting them.

Myra Schroeder, office manager at the clinic, said, “It was just important for us to help them out because they are helping us, that’s for sure.”

She added since the first day the clinic announced this effort to help the troops, the response has been tremendous. “Everyone has been just amazing,” Schroeder said.

If people are interested in making a donation, Pinkerton said socks are always needed.
For more information, people can visit www.marineparents.com  for suggestions on how to prepare care packages for troops.

Boxes can be dropped off at the clinic, which is located in the Los Alamos Medical Center.