Hey! Can you hear me now?

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By John Pawlak

On my way back from visiting family in New York, the passengers were seated and waiting for our plane to depart.  

We were delayed and as we sat there, a man was talking on his cell phone to his friend Dan.  Well, yelling on his phone is a bit more accurate.

“Whoa! A Mercedes C300?  No way!  Dan, you da man!  You da man, Dan!  I can’t wait to see Mark’s face when you bring that to work!  Yeah, man, park in his spot!  You da man, Dan!  But you gotta replace those speakers, put in Infinities!  Harmon Kardons are OK, but Infinities kick!  Did you get the leather? What color?  Oh yeah, that’s good!  You! Are! The! Man!”

As I sat there, I got to know a lot about Dan. He lives somewhere in Dallas and is going out with a girl named Ariana. His favorite color is blue and he works at a financial consulting firm. He’s traveling to London in August and he loves sushi.  Yeah, all of us passengers on that flight know Dan quite well now. Oh, and did I mention; he da man?

Later, when we were disembarking, I called out to the bipedal mouth and said, “Tell Dan that the C300 was a great choice. And we all hope his hearing problem gets better!”