Health study meets on draft final report

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By Roger Snodgrass

A decade-long study by the Centers for Disease Control is drawing to a conclusion.

The Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment (LAHDRA) project has issued its final draft report and has announced that the study team will hold a public meeting on June 25 to discuss the project status, the draft report and findings and the peer review process that is now underway.

Among the report’s findings is that early airborne releases of plutonium were significantly underestimated. Releases from the DP West Site “for 1948-1955 alone were more than 100 times the total reported by the lab for operations before 1973,” the report states and concludes that airborne plutonium releases warrant further evaluations.

Similar issues are raised concerning airborne beryllium releases, public exposure during the Trinity test, airborne uranium releases, and tritium releases before 1967.