Health care plan falls short

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By The Staff

Last week the Republican Party released its health care reform bill, and it is safe to say that this proposal for health care reform was a failure. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), this plan only covers 3 million additional Americans and would leave more than 50 million uninsured in 2019. And for the people who have insurance, most would only receive a 3 percent decrease in premiums, if any. Finally, the GOP plan does not end the practice of refusing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and does not stop insurers from denying coverage to those who are sick. Most of the main concerns of the current system are outright ignored in this plan, even the ones both parties can agree need to be addressed. This proposal does not tackle the real needs of Americans. We need real reform, and the Republican plan doesn’t even come close. It’s time to stop playing politics and for both parties in Congress to fix our broken health care system.


Barbara K. Webber

Executive Director

Health Action New Mexico

Bernalillo, N.M.