Having fun on a Monday

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By Kirsten Laskey

When Mondays come around some people might groan. On this day, the relaxing and fun times of the weekend ends and the workweek begins.

For me, Mondays mean something different. Being in the newspaper business means my schedule is never the normal the 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday workweek.

To get the Sunday paper out, the staff works Saturdays. Sometimes it feels a little depressing knowing while everyone is out hiking on mountain trails or browsing through stores in a shopping plaza, I am punching keys on a keyboard.

There is some satisfaction, because when Monday rolls around, the tables turn.

I don’t have to set the alarm clock because Monday is my day off. I can see a movie and not worry about peering over strangers’ heads in a crowded theater and get all those meddlesome chores out of the way like making a savings withdrawal that would be impossible to do on a Saturday.

Best of all, during the summer I can spend Mondays with my mother.  

As a teacher, my mother gets the summer months off and we start planning our Monday schedules before the school year is even done.

We often don’t get everything crossed off our to-do list but it is fun to fill the list up with sight-seeing trips.

Together, the two of us have walked through the side streets of Santa Fe, peeked through the door at one of the hot springs resorts in Jemez Springs, scoured the back streets of Taos in search of a local newspaper stand and walked the railroad tracks in Chama.

It’s not just the sight-seeing that makes me count down the days till Monday. It’s our talks.

My mother is a citadel of patience. If my randomly jumping thoughts and conversations bother her, she never shows it. As a result, she makes a wonderful conversation companion.

I love how I can talk to her about work and she shares with me her classes for her master’s degree and what lies ahead in the new school year.

We giggle and joke with one another. There is never any hesitation to tell things to my mother; her lengthy experience as a parent seems to allow her to brace for whatever gets thrown her way.  

So it was with a twinge of sadness that I said goodbye to our shared, day-off this week. Still, we both agreed it was a great couple of months.

Besides, we know come next summer that to-do-list will be whipped out again and I will take to the open road with my mother – and good friend.