Have a spot of tea

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By Dick Foster

Both the Democrats and Republicans would do well to listen to what the Tea Partiers are saying. They might seem like a group of angry people, but they have real issues. They are concerned about jobs, income, wars and sense that Washington doesn’t care about them.  They are also concerned about same sex marriage, abortion and that man in the White House.

When the folksy Sarah Palin talks about these issues, she gives credence to not only the issues but also to the people who raise those issues. She resonates with those who feel downtrodden and neglected by those in power, currently the Democrats.  

The Tea Party is mobilizing for the 2010 election.  Precinct workers are being recruited.  Some in the Tea Party are being courted by ultra conservatives like the John Birch Society, an organization of people with good income, education and social status.

So don’t belittle the Tea Party.  Use their angst in molding their concerns with Democrat and Republican ideals.

Dick Foster

White Rock