Haunted places in Los Alamos

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BY Alyssa Hilger and Alyssa Madril

As Halloween approaches, many people begin to tell the tales of possible haunted places located within Los Alamos.
During the 1950s, the high school’s auditorium was known to host various performances throughout the year. According to the accounts of locals, a young woman during a performance ascended a staircase near the stage.
Somehow she lost her footing and fell to her death.
To this day, students say they feel hands trying to push them down the stairs, and some also say they feel those hands when they are in the auditorium.
This story has never actually been proven, but this is one of the reasons why they filmed the movie “Let Me ln” in Los Alamos.
Another place that is said to be haunted is on the old highway before the modern highway was built to travel into Los Alamos. There was a one-lane bridge connecting Los Alamos and White Rock. The bridge was old and somewhat dilapidated.
There are different stories told about this bridge.
One states that a young woman walked along the side of the bridge during a dark night, and she saw bright headlights approaching. She was so startled, she fell to her death.
lt is said that late at night a ghostly woman walking along the bridge can be seen, particularly as a vehicle approaches it.
Once the vehicle is on the bridge, the woman disappears.
This Halloween, be sure to keep an eye out for ghostly images haunting the town.